The digital coach for better collaboration

rho data enables employees to learn healthy and productive collaboration habits.


The right nudges at the right time

Our digital coach analyzes your digital footprint to develop tailor-fit recommendations.


Our coach supports you every week with praise, feedback and nudges, helping you to make great collaboration a habit.


Our coach understands your collaborative behaviour and shows relevant insights. Anonymized and secure.


Our coach gives you tailor-fit nudges to make your collaboration healthier and more productive.

Digital Working Methods

The introduction of new digital tools can only be successful if the working methods of employees successfully adapt to the new circumstances. We help to enable them.

Remote and Hybrid Collaboration

Remote and Hybrid work pose new challenges to team collaboration. We help you to learn the ideal communication and self-management strategies.


Agile methods promise enormous advantages in many work environments. However adapting them requires to break with many old habits. We support you in developing new and agile habits.


Your team and company are unique. We help you to find a perfect solution for them.

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Individualized Software

To reflect individual goals and situations we perfectly customize our coach to your business context.

Additional Consulting

If you need additional help in developing and implementing your ideal collaboration model, we love to support you with our strong competences in consulting, data analytics and work psychology. All our consulting is data-driven on the basis of surveys, interviews, workshops or individual data analyses in order to provide a strong foundation for your change project.


Lukas Heinzman
CEO & Co-Founder

“With the pressure for digitization and efficiency increasing more and more, businesses can not sleep on realizing the enormous potential that is in their internal communication data. 

We founded rho data to enable organizations to do just that with a strong multi-disciplinary approach and a European attitude towards data privacy.”

Omar Sanchez
CTO & Co-Founder

“While many analytics products and projects try to cut employees out of the equation and create a lot of resistance for technology adoption by doing so, rho data products put teams at the center of the effort to leverage both data and technology.”

Get your collaboration to the next level with rho data

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