The smart way to improve your collaboration

The smart way to improve your collaboration

High-performing teams and organizations have strong routines which ensure alignment, efficiency and personal growth.

Our data-driven solutions help you to build and sustain these habits.

Empowering teams to master the art of collaboration

We combine the knowledge of business psychologists and industry experts with scientific research to ensure sustainable improvements.

Engaged Teams

rho data solutions put teams at the center of collaboration improvement, by enabling them with the tools to succeed.

Lasting Improvements

Our software drives change in collaboration by creating awareness through continuous actionable feedback.

Higher Performance

Inefficient collaboration keeps your teams from achieving their best. rho data helps you to unleash that potential.

Our trusted partners

Our partners support us with their competences and resources so we can develop a product that enhances your business.

New work offers many opportunities and challenges

We focus on helping organizations to master them.

Remote work

0 %
of German companies expect the importance of remote work to grow [1]

Communication overload

of costs per employee and year are caused by inefficient communication[2]

New methods

0 %
of Agile Transformations fail. Many because of a lack of enablement [3]

Our product portfolio

Designed for you to master the challenges of New Work.

Distributed Work

Enable your teams to succeed at New Work collaboration.
Improve your understanding of the current challenges and provide your teams with concrete guidance they need to take positive action.

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Unlock the full potential of agile working methods.
Our solution helps your teams to adopt and sustain the agile behavior that makes them faster and more flexible.

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Meeting Efficiency

Are you tired of lengthy and unproductive Meetings?
We help your teams to develop efficient habits to make meetings more productive and worth their time.

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Want to address a collaboration challenge in your organization?
We would be excited to contribute our knowledge and customize our technology to a tailor-fit solution for you.

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How does it work?

We leverage the full potential of your communication metadata while putting rigorous focus on data privacy and security. All to help your teams to get better.

Connect Data Sources

Rho data easily connects to your most important collaboration tools and collects metadata.

Anonymize Data

The metadata is anonymized right away. All data processing is done on secure Telekom Cloud servers in Germany.

Extract Insights

Our analytics engine analyzes your team's communication patterns, identifies areas of improvement and gives ideal recommendations.

Explore Results

Metrics, recommendations and explanations are made available to your team on our intuitive dashboards.


Using analytics to make collaborative activities more transparent helps companies identify and exploit previously invisible drivers of revenue production, innovation, and employee effectiveness.

[1] ifo Institut (2020), Mehrheit der Unternehmen will Homeoffice dauerhaft ausweiten
[2] Mitel (2017), Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report
[3] Digital.ai (2018), State Of Agile survey

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