Our Mission

"That which is measured, improves." — Peter Drucker

This quote by the economist and pioneer of management theory Peter Drucker perfectly describes our conviction at rho data – we are passionate about data-driven approaches to solve big problems.

The problem we are most passionate about is the persistent inefficiency in collaboration and communication many of us experience at work. From our hitherto careers in large and small companies, we know firsthand what costs and frustrations bad collaboration practices cause, be it countless meetings, a complete email overload or the redundant work caused by silo-communication, to name just a few…

Therefore, we help companies with hard facts and recommendations to improve the “soft” topics of collaboration and communication most critical to their success. Our goal is to help our customers to become more effective companies while creating satisfying work environments for all team members.

We are proud and grateful to be part of the start-up programs Start-Up BW Pre-Seed (State of Baden-Württemberg and L-Bank in collaboration with bwcon) and Telekom Tech-Boost.

Founding Team


Lukas Heinzmann

CEO & Co-Founder

“With the pressure for digitization and efficiency increasing more and more, businesses can not sleep on realizing the enormous potential that is in their internal communication data. 

We founded rho data to enable organizations to do just that with a strong multi-disciplinary approach and a European attitude towards data privacy.”


Omar Sanchez

CTO & Co-Founder

“While many analytics products and projects try to cut employees out of the equation and create a lot of resistance for technology adoption by doing so, rho data products put teams at the center of the effort to leverage both data and technology.”

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