Our principles

Privacy by Design

We are committed to using and storing as little data as possible to provide our services to our customers.

Anonymization of Data

We remove information such as first name, last name or email address from the data using industry-standard practices.

Secure Infrastructure

Through encryption and data processing in the secure Open Telekom Cloud, completely hosted in Germany, we ensure high technical data security standards.


Data Privacy & Security

No, our dashboards offer only aggregated analyses on a team level. The metrics and recommendations are built to enable better collaboration for teams as a whole. Therefore the analyses and dashboards are designed to convey no individual-level data about employees.

If you have a leadership position there is a metric which reflects your individual behaviour and not only the behaviour of the group as a whole. It measures if you have one on one meetings/feedback meetings with all your direct reports. If you do not want this information to be computed and shared with your team, you can disable the metric in the settings.

rho data tries to delete private data points right at the beginning of the process. To do this we for example exclude events and emails marked as “private” right away and delete all events and messages with domains from standard private providers (e.g. @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @web.de)

No. Your employer or team members do not have access to your metadata. The dashboards display only with which external companies or internal departments your team is in contact. If you want to exclude specific groups from this (e.g. the legal department, medical service) you can blacklist them.

Yes. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your data within the tool. We will then delete your account and exclude data from your account from your team’s analyses.

Yes. We are an EU-based company and consider GDPR legislation as a strong asset for our business model. We care about providing value-creating services to our customers while ensuring everyone’s right to privacy.

All data is secured using industry standard encryption methods (both at-rest and during transport). rho data has no access to the raw data and only stores anonymized and aggregated data in the regular process.

All data is stored in the Open Telekom Cloud with servers located in Germany.

Yes, rho data tools offer a blacklisting function in which you can define addresses and/or domains you want us to exclude from the start.

Technical Fundamentals

We exclusively collect metadata. We do not collect any content of communication. Currently our tool connects to:

  • E-mails (e.g. Sender, Recipients (including CC and BCC), timestamp (sent, received))
  • Calendars (e.g. Organizer, Invitees, Date and duration)

Rho data immediately replaces all names and personal account names from the data and replaces them with a hash (combination of letters and numbers which is the output of a hashing function – this is an industry-standard practice. The important thing about a hash value is that it is nearly impossible to derive the original input without knowing the data used to create the hash value).

The original data is deleted right away and never stored on our infrastructure. Throughout the entire process we systematically remove information from the data so that it contains not more than the information necessary to provide our service.

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