Enable your teams to succeed in the digital world

Our digital Coach understands your teams collaboration patterns by analyzing data from your collaboration tools. Based on this he derives the right coaching strategy to help your teams to succeed.


Individualized Coach

Connect your collaboration tools to the coach and he will show you how you can improve your teamwork.

Team overview dashboard

Discuss your collaboration patterns as a team, because change works best when you do it together. Our Coach gives you tipps and helpful information to make this discussion easy and effective.

Easy Diagnosis

Improve your understanding of how your team works. Comprehensive, but intuitively presented analyses help you to understand in which areas your team has the greatest potential for improvement.

Actionable Deep-Dives

Learn how your team can sustain its good habits while making progress in its greatest fields for improvement.

Tailor-fit learning bites and helpful statistics make implementing ideal collaboration habits as easy as possible.

The right nudges at the right time

Receive customized nudges during your workday on how to implement better collaborative behaviour.

Our coach sends you and your team helpful messages when they help you the most (e.g. before a big meeting).

Do you want to try it yourself?

We offer a number of different formats through which you can easily test our coach and experience its positive effects on your team collaboration.

Connect Data Sources

Rho data easily connects to your most important collaboration tools and collects metadata.

Anonymize Data

The metadata is anonymized right away. All data processing is done on secure Telekom Cloud servers in Germany.

Extract Insights

Our analytics engine analyzes your team's communication patterns, identifies areas of improvement and gives ideal recommendations.

Explore Results

Metrics, recommendations and explanations are made available to your team on our intuitive dashboards.

Data Connection

rho data integrates with popular applications to analyze how teams communicate and collaborate.

Google Workspace—Calendar

Google Workspace—Gmail

Office 365—Outlook

Office 365—Calendar

Office 365—Teams


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Data privacy is a must for us!

1. Privacy by Design

We are committed to using and storing as little data as possible to provide our services to our customers.

2. Anonymization of Data

We remove information such as first name, last name or email address from the data using industry-standard practices.

3. Secure Infrastructure

Through encryption and data processing in the secure Open Telekom Cloud, completely hosted in Germany, we ensure high technical data security standards.

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