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Actively contribute to a workplace that's is engaging, encouraging and enabling with our enablement software—easy to use, quick to understand, directly actionable.

We facilitate positive change

Increased Wellbeing

Prevent burn-out and ensure everybody gets the feedback and environment they need to excel.

Stronger Relationships

Maintain strong relationships with important internal and external stakeholders.

Higher Productivity

Fine-tune your internal alignment and problem solving processes and reduce waste time.

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Our products focus on improving collaboration for teams by empowering them to make positive change to their working environment. We use our business analytics to equip you with an easy-to-use dashboard and actionable insights.

Concentrate on your human interactions, build strong relationships and spend your time on what's important to you!

Distributed Work

Enable your teams to succeed at New Work collaboration.
Improve your understanding of the current challenges and provide your teams with concrete guidance they need to take positive action.

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Unlock the full potential of agile working methods.
Our solution helps your teams to adopt and sustain the agile behavior that makes them faster and more flexible.

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Meeting Efficiency

Are you tired of lengthy and unproductive Meetings?
We help your teams to develop efficient habits to make meetings more productive and worth their time.

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Want to address a collaboration challenge in your organization?
We would be excited to contribute our knowledge and customize our technology to a tailor-fit solution for you.

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How does rho data work?

We leverage the full potential of your communication metadata while putting rigorous focus on data privacy and security. All to help your teams to get better.

Connect Data Sources

Rho data easily connects to your most important collaboration tools and collects metadata.

Anonymize Data

The metadata is anonymized right away. All data processing is done on secure Telekom Cloud servers in Germany.

Extract Insights

Our analytics engine analyzes your team's communication patterns, identifies areas of improvement and gives ideal recommendations.

Explore Results

Metrics, recommendations and explanations are made available to your team on our intuitive dashboards.

Data Connection

rho data integrates with popular applications to analyze how teams communicate and collaborate.

G Suite—Calendar
G Suite—Gmail
Microsoft 365—Outlook
Microsoft 365—Calendar
Microsoft 365—Teams

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Data Protection

Your data privacy is important to us, therefore, we follow a strict privacy by design approach. We use industry standard encryption and secure servers hosted in Germany to ensure data security.

Start making improvements today and take action for a better working environment!

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Start making improvements today and take action for a better working environment!